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LED Light Therapy Facial (70 Min Treatment) $90

What is LED Light Therapy? 

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is non-invasive skin treatment that uses LED light bulbs to emits wavelengths of light energy, that targets deep into the skin cells for the multiple skin and anti-aging benefits. It is a painless and relaxing treatment that is cost effective with amazing results, safe for all skin types and skin tones. 

Led Light Therapy Facial 

A through skin analysis is done to determined the most effective treatment to meet your individual needs. A combination of deep cleansing, effective exfoliation and hydration to restore the look and feel of healthy, radiant skin. Followed by 30 min of LED light therapy let your skin absorb all the amazing benefits this light treatment can offer your skin and body enjoy 30 min of pure relaxation. 

Available Add Ons

- Hand and Arm Massage 10

- Scalp Massage 10

- Microcurrant 25

- Microdermabrasion 25

- Microneedeling 95

Monthly Package Deal Available For Best Results

- 2x a week $45 for each session includes cleansing the face and 30 min LED Therapy light treatment with customized skin care products. (Recommended for Acne and Anti Aging Clients) 

- Save 10% with a monthly package purchase NOW $324

Elle Customzed Facial - 180

What is it? This treatment is customized by our estheticians using powerful enzymes acids, serums and working with newest medical equipments this package is a 90 min luxurious gift for your body and soul this will include hydra facial, microdermabrasion oxygen infusion RF treatment a relaxing hydro jelly mask neck and scalp massage customized facial serums and creams based on your skin type leaving your skin rejuvenated. 

Micocurrant Facial - 150

Microcurrent facial machines use electricity to interact with facial tissues. When the stainless steel probe is gently rubbed across the skin's surface, it stimulates the facial muscles underneath. This helps improve blood circulation while promoting the roduction of collagen. Collagen is the protein that is responsible for giving you refreshed, rejuvenated, and younger-looking skin. Ideally, this. 

Radio-Frequency Facial - 120

Radio Frequency - How Does This Work? Radio Frequency technology bases itself on using the electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrum is made up of waves such as well-known infrared or ultra violet waves and also the lowest frequency on the spectrum - radio waves. It is these radio waves and the speed they are delivered at which is known as Radio Frequency. In it's simplest terms, Radio Frequency produces energy by getting the molecules in the skin to vibrate, and it is this energy that heats the skins tissue. The heat then penetrates deeply into the dermis of the skin, which creates a lifting effect, generating collagen production and elastane and tightening the skin. 

Dermaplaning Facaial - 90

This removes all the dead skin cells and also the facial hair, leaving the surface very smooth. Dermaplaning also allows for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly.

Hydra Microdermabrasion Facial - 140

Also known as microderm, this is one of the easiest, safest, and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. It has many benefits! Microdermabrasion softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of shallow scars, decrease pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots. 

Micochanneling Treatment Face - 200 and Neck 250 package deals available

What is Micro-Needling? A medical device used for the purpose of breaking down old scar tissue and stimulate skin cells for proliferation with multiplication results in the creation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as improved blood supply three treatments as recommended for the best results. 

The Oxygen Facial Treatment - 75

This is a popular treatment to indulge in prior to a big event or sloree, and it can be performed on all skin types. These add-on treatments are designed to nourish the skin and stimulate new collagen growth. 

Back Facial Treatment - 75

A back facial is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for the back. Back facials utilize many of the techniques used in skin treatments for the face, and they are supposed to clarify and soften the skin of the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment that will leave the client with a healthy, glowing back. 

Chemical Peel Treatment - 90

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck and hands. A chemical solution is applied to that face that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. This is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun. 

The Acne Facial - 90 (Opptional Add On Hydrafacial Extractions) $140

This is an alternative treatment designed to treat the root cause of acne with minimal side effects.  Acne facials focus primarily on extracting blocked pores. The extraction process releases any excess build-up of oil and cleans out dirt that might be clogging up your pores. 

Delux Facial - 120

Delux Custom Facials are 90 Min - A unique pampering experience with nurturing head and neck massage with Anti-Aging treatments leaving younger-looking skin through intense exfoliation, immediate lifting, deep wrinkle correction. 

Hydrafacial Treatment - 170

Treatment that removes dead skin cells and other impurities while cleansing and hydrating the fresh, new skin. This treatment is great and leaves patients with younger, more radiant skin. 

Basic Facial - 60

A basic facial is a skin treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns with a custom multi-step process that is meant to rejuvenate and nourish faces, making skin appear healthier and younger. 

Hydra Facial Treatment

Active Organic Facial - An Elle Signature Treatment

The natural healing properties of plants merge with state-of-the-art skincare technology to achieve maximum results in this facial by Eminence.  Refine your complexion with the power of organics. Clinical grade prescriptive fruit enzymes and fruit acids exfoliate, smooth fine lines, and promote a softer complexion. It includes a gentle exfoliating peel to remove dead surface cells, a luxurious facial massage, a skin-prescriptive masque and botanical extracts to rejuvenate and nourish your skin.  Your experience is completed with a hydrating hand treatment.  Recommended for all skin types.   1 hour - $113

Calming Sensitive Skin/Rosacea Facial

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin while reducing irritation and redness.  Using the most powerful calming ingredients in nature, this carefully crafted facial will soothe your skin and improve its strength.      

50 minutes - $65

Acne Facial

For those with problem skin and active breakouts, this acne treatment will detox skin and normalize oil production. Using probiotics, tea tree and soothing herbal remedies, this facial provides intensive healing and decongestion of the pores. Using deep pore cleansing and thorough extractions, your skin will be on the way to clarity and health.      

1 hour -$71

Anti - Aging Facial

This is like doing Pilates for your skin! Using safe and effective galvanic-current technology you can tone, tighten and firm aging skin with this facial enhancement. This enhancement can be added to any of our skin care services.     1 hour- $123

Correcting Brightening Facial

A results-driven facial that delivers brightening and clarity for immediate luminosity. With this effective treatment, the face and neck are treated to advanced formulas that even out skin texture and tone. 50 minutes - $93    add décolleté - $16    add hands - $16 face, neck, décolleté, and hands - $109

Hot Towel Facial For Men

This deep-cleansing, therapeutic facial is designed specifically for a man’s special skin care needs. You will enjoy a luxurious facial massage, a deep-cleansing mask and a satisfying hot towel treatment for your skin, reminiscent of the barber shop experience from days gone by.

50 minutes - $65


Express Facial

Take your skin from ordinary to extraordinary in less than 30 minutes. You will receive a cleansing, toning and therapeutic hydration that provides you results far beyond your daily routine.

25 minutes - $33

Teen Facial

A customized facial for adolescent skin consisting of cleansing, steaming, extractions, masque, and also educating on proper skincare.       

30min - $35.00

Eye Rescue Treatment

This is an intensive eye treatment designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve dark circles and relieve puffiness to create brighter and more luminescent eyes. Includes a three-day take home try-me pack.

10 minutes - $20


Lip Rescue Treatment Trio

This treatment leaves lips exfoliated, hydrated, and softened. Add on to any facial!

5 minutes - $10


(This is an add on service) This is the ideal treatment for anybody wishing to experience a deeper, more effective facial. This treatment can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, tighten enlarged pores, and any other imperfections.      1 hour - $73.00

Luxury Microdermabrasion

For glowing, clear, healthy skin. This begins with a deep exfoliating peel to smooth any uneven skin texture, and draw out impurities from your skin. An extraction of blocked pores ensures leaving your skin crystal clear. While your treatment masque absorbs, enjoy a relaxing neck & shoulder massage to ease muscles.      

1hour - $89.00

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